Pedi curve
Say GOODBYE to dead skin and CALLUSES!
Make your feet soft again without effort thanks to this wonderful pedicure appliance! A lot more effective than a pumice stone, it is equipped with two interchangeable glass discs: one "coarse grain" to exfoliate, and the other" fine grain" to soften the skin. Lasting almost forever, glass rasps ...More information
evenly and delicately avoiding any small injuries and can be cleaned with soap and water. Can be used in the shower, the shape of the appliance is easy to grasp even when wet. Works with 1 x 9V battery (provided). Dim. 20 × 7.5 × 3 cm approx., diam. of discs: 5 cm.

- Glass discs: hygienic, kind to the skin, hardly ever wear out
- Coarse disc for exfoliating
- Fine disc for softening
- Easy to clean
£ 49.95
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