CARP'ACTIV® right or left wrist orthosis
Helps to SOOTHE CARPAL TUNNEL syndrome
By supporting your wrist and limiting the extent of its movements by promoting a return to the rest position, the Epitact® orthosis helps to soothe pain in cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, musculo-skeletal problems and tendinitis. Slim and extra comfortable, it supports and soothes your wrist while ...More information
allowing you to continue using your fingers. In 100% polyamide/elastane fabric. Machine washable. Available in 3 sizes: S (hand circumference without thumb: 17-19 cm), M (hand circumference without thumb 19-21.5 cm), L (circumference of hand without thumb 21.5-24 cm). Available for right and left wrists.

- Ultra comfortable
- Secures the wrist
£ 24.99
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