Roller shower curtain
Finally, a PRACTICAL shower CURTAIN!
Say goodbye to cumbersome damp shower curtains which stick to the bath and discover the advantages of a roller shower curtain! Designed like a blind, it disappears when rolled up into its holder attached to the ceiling, and when it is open its striped pattern adds an elegant note to the bathroom … ...More information
The side chain can be fitted on the left or the right, and there is a clip to fasten it during use. Easy to assemble. Screws and rawlplugs included. Semi-cassette in white lacquered aluminium. Curtain in plastic material. Width of curtain: 128 cm, length unrolled up to 240 cm.

- Space saving
- Less mould
- Chain on the right or the left
- Rolls down like a blind
Roller shower curtain Available
£ 59.00
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