Blue massage mat Bathtub or Shower
3 in 1: NON-SLIP, MASSAGING and delicately PERFUMED!
This non-slip mat does not just guarantee your safety in the bathtub or the shower, it also takes the opportunity to massage the soles of your feet with its textured pattern! As the cherry on the cake, it is impregnated with peach essence, a lovely fragrance which is released on contact with hot ...More information
water ... Attaches with suckers. In mould-resistant rubber. 2 sizes: shower 50 × 53 cm approx., bathtub 74 × 36 cm approx.

- Attaches with suckers
- Mould-resistant
- Massaging texture
- Peach fragrance
- 50 x 53 cm
- 74 x 36 cm

£ 18.99
Ref. 5226.121
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