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The magical Father Christmas

The magical Father Christmas Free* with your order. He seems to have just come out of his toy factory, hidden away in the vast stretches of the North Pole. And you can imagine him whistling on his way from one roof to the next, his arms loaded with presents.

Some wonderful times in store.
The legendary character of Father Christmas brings with him the feeling of exaltation that only comes at Christmas and New Year. His jovial air and round figure give off a reassuring friendliness which warms the heart …
This slightly mischievous one has more than one trick up his sleeve. Listen and watch: he sings, he dances and is truly magical. When he comes to life – as he alone can do – your entire house will be filled with a magical atmosphere. This automated figure is a real phenomenon and will enhance your decorations in many ways!

- His clothes are as soft as velvet and the trimming is so soft, you’d think it was made of ermine! They indicate the magnificence of a special guest whose wisdom is highlighted by white buckles and gold pince-nez.
- Placed on the mantelpiece or under the Christmas tree, he is the loyal guardian of a still cherished tradition … He’s the archetypal grandfather, ready to watch over the whole family.
- Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town… Off you go, dear Father Christmas! He expresses his good humour through some famous tunes and greets you with profound tenderness.

Dims: 40 cm - Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

*Free with your order. While stocks last. May be substituted

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The Emma R Elegance Cape®

The Emma R Elegance Cape® FREE* with your order. Dedicated to complete softness. Whatever you fancy doing - going to town, strolling in the open air or snuggling on a sofa – your Cape will acquit itself elegantly; capable of expressing your uniqueness all by itself while adding a charming note which is bound to appeal. Its silky fabric creates a haven which is good to snuggle into and promises moments of deep serenity. Its generous flowing lines offers the wearer unrivalled freedom of movement.
In short, this Cape only needs you to reveal its full glory.
Don’t miss out on it! It’s a garment which will make an impression, one that people will talk about for a long time.

There are 3 buttons which allow you to adjust your Cape to suit you. Just wrap it around your shoulders and you will immediately feel a special bond between your body and comfort.

The trendy cut makes your figure look extremely charming. And the warm fabric is both refined and relaxing! Go for it

With its generous dimensions and delightful tones, your Cape is just like a cocoon which exudes a feeling of softness which is constantly reaffirmed …

Emma R. : A creative genius. Emma R. is well known for her creativity, and her aesthetic sense, combining tradition and modernity. Since she started, she has pursued the ideal of an independent urban woman, capable of celebrating the present moment while keeping each one of her dreams intact.
Her timeless style with sophisticated details and harmonious colours brings a touch of soul to today’s society. Her creations express a longing to break away from the everyday and give each woman a wardrobe with the stamp of femininity. Often original but without being too extravagant, sometimes unusual but never frivolous. And if anyone knows better than anyone else how to challenge clichés, codes and conventions, in order to reinvent them better, it’s Emma R.

*Free with your order. While stocks last. May be substituted

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The 3 trays

The 3 trays FREE* with your order. Service included. This Limited Edition is suitable for both small and grand occasions and will add a touch of charm with its original design. and that is doubtless what makes it unique.
Each of the 3 trays gives a foretaste of authenticity which personifies the very best of the French art of living. Make the most of the opportunity !

- The raised edges are attractive and pradical in all circumstances...For improvised picnics in front of the telly, or breakfasts in bed, they offer a tailor-made service
- Your Set is the embodiment of beoutiful design, the result of high quality craftsmanship. The most sophisticated dishes ond the simplest appetisers will all be perfectly presented.
- The compcosite material combines hardness and rigidily as well as good heat resistance and is very easy to clean.
-The design, screen printed by the hand of a master, features shimmering colours and is so distinctive!
- Whien stocked, your 3 Trays take up the minimum amount of space in a cupboard... But you can also place them on a coffee table: they will speak for themselves!

*Free with your order. While stocks last. May be substituted

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