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The magical Father Christmas

Ref. 1341924

The magical Father Christmas Free* with your order. He seems to have just come out of his toy factory, hidden away in the vast stretches of the North Pole. And you can imagine him whistling on his way from one roof to the next, his arms loaded with presents.

Some wonderful times in store.
The legendary character of Father Christmas brings with him the feeling of exaltation that only comes at Christmas and New Year. His jovial air and round figure give off a reassuring friendliness which warms the heart …
This slightly mischievous one has more than one trick up his sleeve. Listen and watch: he sings, he dances and is truly magical. When he comes to life – as he alone can do – your entire house will be filled with a magical atmosphere. This automated figure is a real phenomenon and will enhance your decorations in many ways!

- His clothes are as soft as velvet and the trimming is so soft, you’d think it was made of ermine! They indicate the magnificence of a special guest whose wisdom is highlighted by white buckles and gold pince-nez.
- Placed on the mantelpiece or under the Christmas tree, he is the loyal guardian of a still cherished tradition … He’s the archetypal grandfather, ready to watch over the whole family.
- Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town… Off you go, dear Father Christmas! He expresses his good humour through some famous tunes and greets you with profound tenderness.

Dims: 40 cm - Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

*Free with your order. While stocks last. May be substituted

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The Table Runner & the 6 Place Holders

Ref. 1334929

The Table Runner & the 6 Place Holders £2,95 only as a thank you for your order of £39 or more. Roll out the red carpet for all your guests

There’s nothing more stylish than a Table runner to complete your decorations and add a little touch of formality. It’s a key element which sets the tone for a meal. It also expresses the quality of your hospitality.
So, it’s important to choose it well so that it attracts the eye while blending in perfectly with your style. Placed in the centre of the table, this model sparkles and shimmers and will make your celebration meals – and even your future receptions – a total success. Don’t miss out on it!

- These 6 place holders will help you to personnalise your table plan and make your guests feel welcome.
- Both useful and attractive with their Christmas bauble shape, they will also enhance your décor.
Dims: 120 cm x 33 cm

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