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The 400 day Clock

Ref. 1483924

The 400 day ClockFree with your order*. Because it’s good to move with the times while retaining the best ideas of yesteryear … This 400 day clock is a perfect example of taking inspiration from the past, while bringing an entirely modern touch to the future. Both emblematic and silent inside its translucent globe, it quivers with elegance at every passing second and makes the present moment seem more precious. It is a magnificent decorative object which hides marvels of innovation and immediately draws you into a world steeped in history. Seize the opportunity!

Characteristics of the 400 day Clock :
- A light face, easy to read Roman numerals, accurate hands … everything is here to announce the glorious times ahead.
- The finely worked hands add an extra touch of elegance.
- The rotary pendulum moves at the pace of a golden era.
- The moulded base is reminiscent of burr walnut and adds to the clock’s warm appearance.
- Quartz movement.
- Works on 2 AA batteries (not included).

Why 400 days ?
Originally, 400 day Clocks were designed to be wound up only once every year. They used to be given as gifts for weddings and birthdays. So the lucky beneficiary easily remembered the date when they needed to wind it...

*Depending on availability of stocks. In the event of stock outage, Vivaform reserves the right to replace your gift with an item of equivalent or higher value or with a voucher for £6.

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The Prestige Scarf Mariella Lorenzi®

Ref. 1472927

The Prestige Scarf Mariella Lorenzi® £2 with any order of £39 or more. It’s difficult to resist this superb Scarf. Its velvety fabric and bold pattern make it – without doubt – a fashionable and timeless accessory. Its has a feel which gently lifts the spirits, its generous dimensions are testimony to your high standards and the beautiful pattern makes it the dream accompaniment for all your outfits. Let it work its magic … Tied around the neck or laid over your shoulders, this Scarf highlights your sensuality and makes your personality shine out.

Here are a few examples of how to wear it, test them out!
- The choker: roll the scarf and tie at the back, then hide the knot underneath the band.
- Tied at one side: roll the scarf and make a simple tie at the side.
- Elegant: scarf folded in two, and tied simply under the chin.
- The timeless: scarf folded in two, and laid across the shoulders.

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